A waitress or waiter is a person who works in a restaurant setting. These jobs can vary in work conditions based on the type of restaurant. Waitresses work at restaurants that vary from very informal restaurants, with low prices, to restaurants that are very expensive and high-class. These workers are responsible for many different things, but the main duty is to take food and beverage orders.

The waitress must accurately take these orders and give them to the restaurant’s kitchen. She then serves the orders to the customers, making sure they receive everything they requested. These workers must also clear and clean tables from all table settings and debris, and ensure that the tables are reset, according to the company’s policies and standards.

Waitress jobs can vary depending on the restaurant. If the restaurant serves alcohol, she must check identification to verify age requirements for serving alcohol. Waitresses may also be required to wear waitress uniforms; which vary depending on the restaurant. She must also be able to explain various entrees on the menu, make recommendations to customers, and communicate to the customers the restaurant’s daily specials.

Another key responsibility is to make sure that customers receive the correct entrees, drinks and refills. One main goal of this type of worker is to please the customers and ensure that there visit to the restaurant was an enjoyable experience. This will help increase the wages she earns. A waitress salary is generally based on a small hourly rate, plus tips. The amount they typically earn varies by several factors, including the restaurant, the location and the price of the meals. When a table is finished eating, she clears the dishes and presents the customer with a bill.

At many restaurants, she is responsible for collecting the amount, giving change and running credit card payments. Typically, there are no requirements to be hired in this field, other than having a high-school diploma, if applicable. Some restaurants may ask potential workers to submit a resume to illustrate any waitress experience, but typically candidates are only required to fill out an application at the establishment. To become a successful waitress, a person must be in relatively good health, able to stand for hours, able to carry heavy trays and be good with people.

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