Waitress Jobs

Waitress Jobs

Waitress Jobs

If you are people-oriented and like servicing others, being a waitress can be a great job choice for you. There are four types of waitress jobs: buffet, catering, cocktail, and dinning.

As a buffet waitress, you will work in a buffet style setting restaurant where people serve themselves. Your job duties include serving drinks, keeping track of food orders and payments.

A catering waitress works less because you only work while catering events such as weddings. Oftentimes, waitresses use catering gigs as an income supplement to their regular waitressing job.

A cocktail waitress works night shifts at bars or lounges. Your job duty is serving alcohol. You will be required to check customers’ identification. This is to make sure they’re of legal drinking age.

As a dinner waitress, you will work in the mornings since diners serve breakfast. Expect to serve home-style food in this smaller atmosphere. You will also be responsible for setting up and clearing tables.

To qualify for a waitress job, you must be capable of multitasking. These multitasking duties include providing good customer service to patrons, handling tips, checks, and operating a register, handling food, and serving drinks.

Mostly a waitress uniform is provided by their employers. For cocktail waitresses, their uniform is mostly scanty. In the catering industry, waitresses mostly wear their own clothing, which consists of black pants, white dress shirt or blouse.

Searching for a waitressing job is no different from other job searches. You can visit the restaurant you’re interested in working for and fill out an application. You can also attend job fairs. The most convenient way is to visit online job sites and search with the keyword “waitress.”

When preparing your resume, make sure your resume focuses on the skills that matter the most: customer service, food service, and money management. In short, make your resume look like a waitress resume.

As previously stated, a waitress salary isn’t great. In conclusion, if you want to work with people and food, then waitressing is a job worth considering.

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