Waitress Resume

The traditional ways to obtain a waitress job – through the help of a friend or by dropping by a restaurant to make an inquiry – are unreliable in an age when competition for any position is keen. Whether a waitress is responding to a specific newspaper or Internet posting or merely wants to be considered for future employment opportunities, submitting a written or electronic waitress resume increases the likelihood of success.

In addition to basic contact information, the waitress should include her educational background on the resume. The prospective employer will want to know that she has, at a minimum, graduated from high school or obtained a General Educational Development (GED) diploma.

Because the employer needs to be assured the waitress is dependable, the resume should include information on all prior employment, both in the food service industry and other occupations. The resume should include a list of professional references, and it obviously makes sense for the waitress to include past supervisors who would likely offer a favorable recommendation.

The resume should also include information on what days and during what hours the waitress is available to work. Restaurant owners and managers generally have no problem with a waitress having another job or enrolling in an educational program, but they need to be certain she will be able to show up for work whenever she is scheduled.

The waitress should not include any mention of salary expectation on her resume. Salaries are discussed at the time a job offer is tendered, and is usually not subject to negotiation. If the salary and benefits package are unacceptable, the waitress is certainly free to decline the employment. There is no need to mention a waitress uniform as restaurants usually supply uniforms for their wait staff or specify what styles and color of clothing should be worn on the job.

A resume is far more professional than merely stopping by a restaurant and filling out a job occupation. A resume that is complete and carefully written demonstrates that a waitress is committed to handling her duties in a businesslike manner.

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