Waitress Uniform

Waitressing is a demanding and dirty job, and it is essential to wear the right waitress uniform. The uniforms that servers wear will clue customers as to what kind of restaurant they are in and what type of service they might expect. A waitress uniform should be functional, easy to clean, wrinkle-free, and nice-looking on all body types.

Waitress Uniform

Waitress Uniform

Only someone who has actually waited tables can explain the types of abuse a waitress uniform can encounter, and how important it is to wear an outfit that makes the server’s job easier. Waitresses are not only expected to serve food and drinks, they perform all sorts of functions behind the scenes that put extra demands on their wardrobe. Waitress uniforms have to be multi-functional for a number of reasons.

Waitress jobs often include setting tables, folding napkins, wiping silverware and glasses, and removing dirty dishes to the kitchen. Waitresses also must keep an accurate tally of each tables’ account as the shift progresses. After hours, servers are required to refill condiments and clean the restaurant. Waitressing can include chores like mopping floors, vacuuming, cleaning toilets, and even taking care of the owner’s children. Although a waitress resume might not include all of these demands, it is clear that waitresses have to be a multi-skilled individuals.

A waitress salary will not usually include the cost of the uniform. Servers are often required to purchase a waitress uniform that conforms to the standards of the individual establishment. Some restaurants will provide branded uniforms for wait staff to ensure the appearance of uniformity. Restaurant employees are commonly required to put a deposit on uniforms provided by the employing restaurant.

Uniforms should be the last thing on the server’s mind. She should be able to feel that her body is not overly exposed, and she is able to move without constriction. If her waitress uniform becomes soiled, she should have confidence that it will come clean after one washing. She should expect it to be constructed of sturdy material made to last. Above all, a waitress uniform should make the server’s job just a little bit easier to do.

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